Sodium Hydrosulfite

Overview Specifications Packaging & Applications Storage & Safety

Gulshan Sodium Hydrosulfite is a white, free flowing and crystalline powder that is low dusting and readily soluble in water. It exhibits strong reducing action in aqueous solutions and is highly stable when kept in a dry clean container away from heat.

Chemical FormulaNa2S2O4
Molecular Weight174.10
Bulk Density 0.9-1.0 g/cc
Solubility in water (20 0C)190 gm/liter
CAS Number7775-14-6
HS Code28321020


Assay % w/w Min8885
Na2S2O5 % w/w Max6.06.0
Na2S2O3 % w/w Max0.60.6
Na2CO3 % w/w Max2.06.0
HCOONa % w/w Max1.01.0
Fe ppm Max2020
Zn ppm Max 1 1


50 Kg and 100 Kg steel drums with inner polyethylene bag



Reduction agent for vat-dyeing cotton fibers and blends. Reduces and eliminates colors not absorbed in polyester fibers. Reduction agent for stripping colorants from textile fibers and in cleaning dyeing equipment.


Bleaching agent for mechanical and thermo-mechanical pulp and for deinking recycled paper.


Bleaching agent for sugarcane, glues, gelatins, soaps, oils and clay. Reducing or bleaching agent in production of dyestuffs and pharmaceuticals. Reduction of hexavalent chromium to trivalent state for effluent treatment.


Keep drums away from moisture, water, heat, acids and oxidizers to avoid hazards. Decomposition caused by heat or contaminants may release Sulfur Dioxide and other toxic gases, which are extremely hazardous to human health.

Safety Precautions

In case of fire, use sand or fire extinguisher with abundant quantities of water to dissolve the powder and dissipate heat. When possible, product should be spread out before water is used. In case of contact with eyes and/or skin, flush thoroughly with water. Water in large quantity is the only effective extinguishing agent for Sodium Hydrosulfite fire.

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